Namaste नमस्ते I bow to you

Welcome to my website! I am Paule Daro and through Brightly Alive I wish to inspire: Yoga, Tantra and Creative Writing.

Invite Me

To speak or teach at your event, in your class room or sacred healing space.

Tantra and Aṣṭāṅga Yoga: I teach workshops and classes that are modern in approach and well-rooted in the Indian traditions.

Creative Writing: I facilitate Poetry Slam and Creative Writing workshops for school classes, which are usually held in German. I also perform my own literary work on stage or for private audiences.

Meet Me

Find out about my current yoga and tantra classes.

I am on Facebook: Private Account and Public Account.

Read Me

My publication list: Novels, Poetry Slam and Academic Writing

My blog: To come…

My path: About me and my curriculum

You can reach me by email under

Why Brightly Alive?

for the growth and expansion of consciousness, open-heartedness, peace and acceptance among mankind and all living creatures

for inner happiness and lasting freedom: Becoming one with all that is

for eye-opening moments of wonder and awe

for the transformation of ourselves and the world

for making the impossible possible and seeing the magic in all

Just as waves arise from water, flames from fire and rays from the sun, in the same way the differentiated aspects of the universe have sprung from me, that is Bhairava.

-Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, Verse 110

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